Samseong-dong where you can enjoy COEX and Bongeunsa Temple

Samseong-dong where you can enjoy COEX and Bongeunsa Temple


SMTOWN coexartium

By Subway Line 2 Exit 6 of Samsung Station, you can see the entrance of COEX Mall and SMTOWN coexartium.

SMTOWN coexartium

11:00~22:00 (Museum ~21:30) •

It is a complex cultural space operated by SM Entertainment, one of the representative entertainment companies related to K-pop. It is a total of 5 floors and consists of media wall, gift shop, exhibition hall & experience space (charged) and theater.

Starfield Library

COEX Starfield Library

This place is popular as a symbol of COEX recently, but it is not easy to enjoy reading quietly, so it is mainly used as a meeting place.

Fairs and Exhibitions

COEX fairs 1

In fact, the main role of COEX is fairs and exhibitions. Various domestic and international events are held here.
(* COEX: Convention and Exhibition)



Starfield Coex Mall, Hyundai Department Store, Lotte Duty Free Shop, Parnas Mall and Oakwood Mall are connected to each other and there are about 1,100 stores.

Megabox theater


10:00-20:00 (Weekend ~21:00) • 28,000 won (child 22,000 won) •

COEX aquarium


COEX outside 1

Various events are frequently held using the wide sidewalk outside of COEX.

Where to eat?

COEX Food Court

There are many restaurants in the area below.
PARNAS Mall, Hyundai Department Store (10th Floor: Restaurants, Underground: Food Court, Snacks & Dessert), COEX Food Court (see photo) and its surroundings, Mega Box theater area.

However, some popular restaurants and cafes are scattered within the COEX mall, so it is a good idea to ask at the information desk.

Bongeunsa temple

Bongeunsa Temple
Subway Line 9, Bongeunsa Station Exit 1

When you want to get away from the complicated COEX, Bongeunsa across the street is a good solution.

Bongeunsa Temple entrance

Bongeunsa Temple is a representative temple of Zen Buddhism in Korea.
The predecessor of this temple is the Kyongseoungsa Temple, built in 794, and renamed Bongeunsa in 1592.  Unfortunately, most of the buildings were destroyed by the Japanese Invasion of Korea and the Korean War, so most of the current buildings were rebuilt after that.

Bongeunsa Temple view 2

If you go inside the temple, you will feel more spacious than you thought.

Bongeunsa Temple view 1

Above all, the great charm of this temple is that you can probably see a unique view like photo above.

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