Lotte World, Everland, Korean Folk Village, Which park is better?

Lotte World, Everland, Korean Folk Village, Which park is better?

Lotte World, Everland, and Korean Folk Village are the three most popular theme parks in Korea.
Because the park is different in characteristics, it is good to consider the location, price, service, and the surrounding attractions.

And, although not as well-known as these, there are the Children’s Grand Park and the Olympic Park. These parks are next to subway stations in Seoul and have many advantages. Refer to the next post.

Lotte World

Jamsil Lotte World ICE rink

Lotte World is composed of indoor area and outdoor ‘Magic Island‘. The indoor area is open space like photo, there is an ice rink underground, and Lotte World is from the 1st floor to the 4th floor.

Magic Island is built on an artificial lake, Seokchon Lake, and has a bridge to the indoor area.

How to go

Lotte World Building and Lotte World Tower are all connected to Jamsil Station on Subway Line 2.

Opening hours

. 9: 30 – 22: 00 (Fri/Sat ~23: 00)
. “After 4 Ticket” holders can enter after 4 pm


1 day Ticket (won)
 A: 52,000,  Y: 46,000, C: 43,000,  I: 14,000
After 4 Ticket (won)
A: 41,000,  Y: 36,000,  C: 33,000,  I: 14,000
Infant: under 36 months, Child: 36 months ~ 12 full years, Youth: 13 ~ 18 full years

Tips. Discount
30% discount on Korea tour card holders (check the “Seoul Subway, Bus, Taxi ~” post)


. Amusement park with about 40 rides.  That is, it is suitable for a user who enjoys rides. 
. Access is convenient and there are attractions nearby.
– Seokchon Lake
Aquarium and Observatory (Lotte World Tower)
Olympic Park (10 minutes on foot)
– COEX (3 subway stations)
. Lotte Mall and Lotte Department Store convenient for shopping and eating.
. It is too crowded on weekends and it may be hard to enjoy it properly. So, if possible, visit during the week. 

Lotte World Tower

. Reservation ticket: A: 27,000, C: 23,000
. Fass Pass: 50,000 (on-site purchase)
. The reservation ticket is a ticket that specifies the date and time of visit in advance.
 A: 31,000, C: 27,000

Everland & Caribbean Bay

Everland 2

Everland is the biggest theme park in Korea, about 10 times bigger than Lotte World, and consists of the following five theme zones.

Everland 1

Global Fair 
A street that reproduces buildings from around the world
American Adventure
Amusement park offering an american style atmosphere
Magic Land 
An area that embodies fantasy countries in children’s favorite fairy tales
European Adventure
Various gardens. And a wooden roller coaster T-Express at an inclination angle of 77 degrees
A zoo with 2,000 animals. Panda World, Safari World, Lost Valley with Amphibious Car

How to go

It is convenient to take a shuttle bus from each area of Seoul. It takes about 40 to 80 minutes (when traffic is heavy on weekends), based on Gangnam Station.
More information

Opening hours

10: 00 – 22: 00 (Apr. ~ Oct.)
Operating hours by date


1 day Ticket (won)
A: 54,000, C: 43,000
Night Ticket (17:00~)
A: 45,000,   C: 36,000

Caribbean Bay

The water park, Caribbean Bay, consists of five main areas: Bay Slide, Sea Wave, Fortress, Wild River and Aquatic Center. Because it is next to Everland, you can enjoy both places a day.

Opening hours
It is usually 10: 00-17: 00, but there is a difference in operating time indoors / outdoors and month / week.
Operating hours by date

There is a difference depending on the ticket type and season, and adults are 34,000 ~ 50,000 won.
Price check


– Everland is a good place to enjoy all day.
– It is also a good idea to use After 4 Ticket because it is hot during summer.
– In the summer, the Caribbean Bay is more popular, but on weekends it is too crowded. So, if the maximum capacity is exceeded, you may have to wait for admission.
– On weekends, it is crowded and traffic jam is more severe, so it is better to visit on weekdays if possible.

Korean Folk Village

Do you want to enjoy a day in the village of the Joseon Dynasty? If so, go to this place. In addition to the houses, administrative buildings, educational institutions (Seowon and Seodang), herbal medicine shops, religious buildings, and other buildings of Joseon Dynasty are gathered to form this folk village.

korean folk village 1

There are various life & culture experience and traditional craft experience program that you can enjoy, and it is good to check the schedule of traditional wedding ceremony and traditional art performance. In addition, Amusement Village has 15 kinds of rides and traditional Korean horror experience courses.

korean folk village 2

How to go

There is a bus going from Seoul, and you can use shuttle after going to Suwon Station by subway. It takes about 1 hour ~ 1 hour 30 minutes from Gangnam Station.
More information

Opening Hours

. 09:30 ~ 17:30 (or 18:00 or 18:30)
. Depends on season, weekday / weekend


Admission Fee : 13,000 ~ 18,000 won


It is a good place for foreigners interested in Korean traditional culture. However, there is no shuttle bus going directly from Seoul, so traffic is a little inconvenient.

If you want to relax in a wooded and secluded park, the Children’s Grand Park and the Olympic Park can be a good alternative. In particular, the area surrounding the Children’s Grand Park is a lively area with department stores, discount stores, theaters and universities. For more information, see the post that introduces the two parks.

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