Let’s Explore the Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul

Let’s Explore the Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul

Because of the different types of seafood in each country, any fish market in any country will be popular with travelers. And Noryangjin Fish Market is also a place that shows Korean characteristics. You will be able to see a variety of seafood here, and you will also be able to eat the seafood you bought at the restaurant in the building.

How to get there

way to Noryangjin Fish Market

Take subway Line 9, Noryangjin Station Exit 7, and go straight for about 100 meters, you can see the right connection path.

New and Old Buildings

Noryangjin Fish Market 1

The building shown in the photo is a new building built in 2015. And, the old building is on the right and many merchants who have not moved on are still operating in the old building.

Noryangjin Fish Market 2
Shabby but lively old building
Noryangjin Fish Market 3
New building

Fish auctions are usually held around 3:00 am, and most shops close at around 10:00 pm. 
. Both buildings may have water on the floor.

Seafood and Price

The price of seafood is usually set at an amount per kg. The current approximate prices for seafood are as follows, but prices may vary depending on seafood size and condition and season.

Noryangjin Fish Market 4

1. King Crab – about 40,000 won per kg
2. Lobster – about 35,000 won per kg
3. Blue Crab – about 45,000 won per kg

Noryangjin Fish Market 5

4. Abalone – about 35,000 won per kg
5. Sea squirt – about 10,000 won per kg
6. Scallop – about 15,000 won per kg
7. Other Shellfish – about 15,000 won per kg

Sea squirt is a seafood that Koreans like, although it is unfamiliar to foreigners. Recently, it is known as a healthy food with eight effects such as low calorie food, hangover relief, vascular health promotion, and prevention of dementia.

Noryangjin Fish Market 6

8. Red sea bream – about 30,000 won per kg
9. Sea bass – about 30,000 won per kg
10. Flatfish (farmed fish) – about 20,000 won per kg

In addition, the price of fish such as convict grouper and rock bream is about 80,000 won per kilogram. And, the locals eat the above fish mainly as sashimi.

Exotic seafood in Korea

Noryangjin Fish Market 16

Aged thornback (similar to a stingray).
Because of the smell, even some Koreans do not like this food. However, once it gets better, it is addictive food.

Noryangjin Fish Market 17

Long-legged octopus
This is a representative seafood that is known to be good for stamina, and foreigners are also worth a try. In general, the way of eating is cut as it is alive, and it is eaten with seasoning or boiled with vegetables. 

And there is a corner for selling good-quality long-legged octopus next to the dry fish stores on the second floor. It sells at about 35,000 won per kilogram, but the price may vary depending on the country of origin, quality and season.

Noryangjin Fish Market 7

When you are finished with the seafood selection, weigh it and make a purchase. If you want sashimi, the seller will cut the fish for you. Then, pick up the seafood you bought and go to the second floor restaurant and ask them to cook.

Noryangjin Fish Market 8

In fact, it is not easy for a foreigner to buy seafood skillfully. So, use the information desk on the second floor. The staff here provide market information and interpretation to help foreigners buy seafood.

Cooking Cost

Noryangjin Fish Market 9
Noryangjin Fish Market 10

Most restaurants are on the second floor, and on the fifth floor there are two restaurants that are a little larger.

Noryangjin Fish Market 11

The photo shows an English guide to the cost of cooking in a restaurant on the second floor. And most other restaurants are the same.

Dried Fish Shops (2F)

Noryangjin Fish Market 12
Noryangjin Fish Market 13

There are various dried fish such as octopus, anchovy and squid and the types of laver also vary. The shopkeeper also said, “The number of overseas Koreans who order a good quality laver is increasing.”

Rooftop Rest Area

Noryangjin Fish Market 14
Noryangjin Fish Market 15

There is a resting place to relax on the 5th floor, and the view is good.

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