Good views and a leisurely stroll, Buamdong Course 4-3

Good views and a leisurely stroll, Buamdong Course 4-3

Course 4-3 starts on the forked road that meets down on Inwangsan Mountain. For the previous part, see “Inwangsan Mountain where you can trek in downtown Seoul, Course 4-1“.

Inwangsan forked road 2
Forked Road

2. Select Buam-dong

way to Buam-dong 1
Inwangsan view 7

P28.  Continue down the road in the direction of Buam-dong.

Inwangsan view 8
Inwangsan ring road view 4

P29. Same as Seochon, you will meet the Inwangsan ring road. Follow the road to the left.

Inwangsan ring road view 5
Inwangsan ring road view 6
Keep following the sidewalk.

Poet's hill

Buam-dong Poet's hill 1

P30. This small pavilion was built to commemorate Yoon Dong-ju, a poet who resisted Japanese colonial rule. Go to the left ‘Poet’s hill’.

Buam-dong Poet's hill 2
Buam-dong Poet's hill 3

P31. Below the hill is Buam-dong.


Buam-dong street view 1
Follow the road.
Buam-dong street view 3
There is a three-way street in front.
Buam-dong street view 4

P31. The building on the right is the popular cafe ‘Club Espresso‘. And when you enter the alley next to the building, you will see the “Changuimun Gate“.

Changuimun Gate

Buam-dong Changuimun 1
Buam-dong Changuimun 2

P33. Changuimun is one of the eight gates used to enter Seoul in the Joseon Dynasty. The eight gates consist of four large gates like Dongdaemun and Namdaemun, and four small gates. Changuimun was a small gate but served as a main gate to the north. It is also the only well preserved among the four small gates.

Whanki Museum

10:00 -18:00 (Closed on Mondays) • Entrance fee (5,000-10,000 won) • 63 Jahamun-ro 40-gil Jongno-gu, Seoul

There is a private Whanki museum nearby (about 250m). It was built by his wife as an art museum commemorating Kim Whanki, a renowned abstractionist in Korea, and often displays the works of him and new writers. The building is unique and there is a garden and the way to this museum is also good. So if you have time, visit this museum.

Popular restaurants and cafes near Club Espresso

Jaha Sonmandu
Korean • 245-2 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul •

Buam-dong Jaha Sonmandu 1
Because it is crowded on the weekend, it is not easy to get a table with a good view.
Buam-dong Jaha Sonmandu 2
Dumplings are specialty restaurants, but there are also a variety of Korean foods.

Fried Chicken • 258-3 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Buam-dong Gyeyeolsa
Across the street from Club Espresso

Bingsu (ice flakes with syrup )  • Closed on Mondays  • 254-2, Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul •

Way to Seokpajeong

Buam-dong street view 5

P34. Seokpajeong was the villa of Heungseon Daewongun (father of King Gojong) at the end of Joseon Dynasty. To get there, go down the right side of the three-way street.

Buam-dong SCOFF 1

P35. Here is a popular bakery ‘SCOFF’. There is a second store in Seochon.

Buam-dong SCOFF 2
SCOFF: British specialty bakery
Buam-dong Seoul Museum of Art

P36. The Seoul Museum of Art. Seokpajeong is behind this museum.


4-1 Changuimun-ro 11-gil Jongno-gu, Seoul • Admission fee: 9,000 won (3-7 yrs. 3,000 won) •

It consists of valleys with large rocks, walkways and hanok buildings. This place is good for a walk from spring to autumn and also the view of Buam-dong from here is also good. However, since it is owned by the museum, you can go to the Seokpajeong through the 3rd floor connecting passage after purchasing a ticket and entering the art.

end of course 4

P38.  The bus stop is about 100 meters further down the museum. You can go to Gyeongbokgung Station within 4-6 stops by any bus.

Buamdong is a good place to take a leisurely stroll, although you have to take the bus back to Gyeongbokgung Station.

Of course, you can go back on foot. It is about 2km to Gyeongbok Palace or Seochon Tongan Market (green line on the map below), and it will not be so difficult because it is downhill like the photo below.

Buam-dong street view 7


course 4 map

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