Wakorea is a start-up that started in 2017. At first, we conducted an outbound travel service brokerage platform business that matches the travel services of overseas Koreans to Korean travelers. And in 2017, we run beta sites for about six months and brokered hundreds of guide matching through marketing.


We surveyed Korea’s travel information and service providers through Internet search and visit for several months. In addition, we also run ‘KOREA TRAVEL BLOG’ site.

In the course of the market research, we decided that it would be more efficient to provide the necessary information to the travel agent rather than the traveler.



Sungchan Hong / Founder

He worked in Samsung IT company for a long time while doing IT planning, service planning and channel marketing. This travel business has long been his area of interest.

Jin Sihoo / Marketing

A six-year career marketing expert who likes to travel.



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