Wakorea is a start-up company that supports overseas travel agencies dealing with travel products traveling to Korea.

Since more than 15 million foreign tourists visit each year, the number of overseas travel agencies that consider Korean travel products is also increasing.  So we are focusing on matching good travel services in Korea with overseas travel agencies.


We will help overseas travel agencies to find and use good travel services in Korea.
Our goal is to build a trustable partnership network with overseas travel agencies and to grow mutually.


Reliable Information

We will recommend reliable travel services through various research and verification and direct visits (if necessary).

Reasonable Price

We will provide services at reasonable prices that our overseas travel agency partners can understand.

Trusted Service

We will provide reliable services to grow with partner travel agencies.


Sungchan Hong / Founder

He worked in Samsung IT company for a long time while doing IT planning, service planning and channel marketing. This travel business has long been his area of interest. 

He opened a personal travel service matching platform (Korea Outbound) in 2017 and operated and marketing for six months. After switching to a business model with inbound services in 2018, he has been researching travel services and suppliers in Korea for several months and providing information through an English blog. This business was materialized during the process.

Yena Shim / Marketing Manager

She is a graduate of Yonsei University, Department of English Literature, and is in charge of sales and marketing.

Jin Sihoo / Planning and service research

He has worked for several years at the advertising agency, and is in charge of planning and researching services in Korea with Hong.

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