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Korea Inbound / Outbound

Local tours, cultural experiences, leisure and activities, hotels, restaurants, etc.  There are many travel services in Korea, and choosing a good provider is important, but not easy.

Wakorea provides support services for overseas travel agencies such as investigating good services and providers in Korea, supporting contracts and monitoring services. We have a wide range of information based on local/qualified data surveys. This will improve the competitiveness of partner travel agencies.

SERVICES (Korea Inbound)


Best courses and schedules, hotel / restaurant / tour information and so on.

We will investigate and provide reliable and up-to-date Korea travel information through local site search and visit verification.

Verification and Negotiation

Local travel agencies and freelance guide recommendations (for package travelers).
Negotiate supply conditions and contract support with service providers.

Services like the Korea branch

Overseas travel agencies can use Wakorea like a branch in Korea. Field verification support, administrative processing support, emergency support and so on.

Outbound Marketing Service

About 26 million Koreans traveled abroad in 2017, and the proportion of individual travelers is increasing rapidly.

We provide the following services to overseas service providers who want to promote to Korean tourists.
⇒ Competitors, Price, Promotional Points, etc.
⇒ SNS marketing – Facebook, local communities, cafes and blogs and more

How It Works


Please send your request.
Or we may send you a request checklist.

Estimate and Payment

After confirming the exact request and the content to provide, we will send a quote via PayPal. And when payment is made, we proceed.

Service Delivery

Information or execution result report (English)

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